Wash Instructions 

In short 


  • Flip the garment inside out

  • Hand wash/ Machine wash on cold

  • Use a mild detergent

  • Gentle wash cycle

  • Air dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting. 


       Do NOT use chlorine bleach. 


In depth 

The most gentle option is to hand wash and allow the item to air dry, but we know not everyone has time for that. If you do choose to machine wash, we recommend the following:

  • turn the item inside out to protect the embroidery

  • try to not wash the item with other clothing that might cause damage, such as zippers or buttons

  • choose a mild detergent and wash on cold to preserve color vibrancy 

  • if possible, allow the item to air dry. The products do come pre shrunk but this will prevent any further shrinking that might occur

  • if not possible, tumble dry on the lowest heat setting